Art Chats

Being an artist is running a small business, so it helps to get some advise. book an Art Chat now.


I started out picture framing back in 1984 and have been doing it ever since. I started printing before that on an old Multilith, took a break from it for many years and began printing again in the late 1990’s, soon after the newest inkjet art printers became available.

My focus has always been to help artists achieve their vision. I feel it has helped me, not being an artist myself. I have no sense of rivalry and have always given artists at all levels of experience and skill levels due respect. I am often surprised by watching artists evolve over the years.

In an Art Chat I bring with me my associated skills that are also an asset to artists and art projects; Photoshop (especially color adjustments), Website creation and maintenance (WordPress and Wikis), Sales and Frame Design, Custom Product Development (create your own unique presentation), Online Art Sites (Etsy etc), Spreadsheets and Databases (because being on artist often requires organization), Writing, I know how to come up with professional sounding copy for applications, websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) etc. and my experience with working with other artists how have successfully sold their artwork.

Most Art Chat issues can be dealt with in an informal 30 minute session.